Ashley Madison puts $1M bounty on Tim Tebow’s virginity

Ashley Madison puts $1M bounty on Tim Tebow’s virginity!/darrenrovell/status/194613275428790272

@darrenrovell @TimTebow – It's true Darren…we're just worried it might cost us millions!

— Ashley Madison (@ashleymadison) April 24, 2012

Score $1 million for scoring with Tim Tebow thanks to and @noelbiderman .

— Ashley Madison (@ashleymadison) April 24, 2012

Looks like Tim Tebow may still be a virgin….for now. Who wants to be a millionaire courtesy of AshleyMadison.

— Ashley Madison (@ashleymadison) April 24, 2012

Classless dating website is offering $1 million to any female (or male we’re assuming) who can prove they slept with Tim Tebow. is offering $1 million 2 any woman who can prove she's sexed Tebow.He is gonna be scared by all the girls coming at him

— MarLisa (@Illadelphiagirl) April 24, 2012

@AshleyMadison should be ashamed of themselves. @timtebow will go on to live a good life, am will always be miserable Internet trolls.

— William Metz (@WO4TG) April 24, 2012

", a Web site that matches married people to pursue affairs" Lack of morals FTW!

— Joan Rivers Facts (@_grandhotel) April 24, 2012 is offering a million dollars if a girl can prove that she's had sex with Tim Tebow, let's go ladies!

— Philly (@tphillly) April 24, 2012!/hillspassion/status/194860667487010816

ashleymadison is offering any woman who had sex with Tim Tebow to come forward for 1 million dollars…well I guess I can quit my day job ha

— Emily (@EmilyBlask) April 24, 2012

AshleyMadison is offering one million bucks to anyone who can prove they slept with Tebow. I think you have better odds winning the lottery

— Sterling (@TeamSterlo) April 24, 2012

While the whole idea disgusts us, the marketing ploy will likely help put the website on the map. If the owners have any sort of soul, they should take the advice from the following tweeter.!/LouScalise/status/194849687302451201

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